Do you really know who your readers are?

This is a post from one of my favorite blogs, Brains on Fire. It asks how well you know your clients, and if you are indeed conversing with your most intimate customers.

Are You Talking to Your Most Intimate Customers?

It got me thinking and asking myself: Do I really know who my readers are? Do I know what they like and what makes them tick?

It’s easy to think of readers as a mass of anonymous eyes who read one’s  words (if they do at all), then put the magazine or newspaper aside, or–if we’re lucky–press the “share” button somewhere on the side of our online articles. I never really thought of them as individuals who have their own tastes, likes and dislikes, worries, anxieties, fears, etc. And just like brands for products, good writing, I think, must speak to individuals and make an impact in the way they think, feel, or do. Otherwise, it’s just garbage.

Hmmm… Why didn’t I put more thought into this topic before?


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