Brain Pickings Pick of the Day: A New Culture of Learning: Rethinking Education

I absolutely LOVE, the amazing website by Maria Popova that curates all sorts of fascinating knowledge–from books and animated videos to lectures and museum exhibitions. The quality of the content on the site makes me wish I had Maria’s brain–or even just half of it.

Anyway, I love geeking out over her stuff, so I’ll be posting some of my favorites here for you to enjoy as well.

Let’s start with this: “A New Culture of Learning: Rethinking Education”. It talks about how people, children nowadays consume and create media, and how, by using old modes of learning–“old systems of understanding learning”–we might actually be missing some important data on how we consume and process information.

The two videos here are short enough to watch comfortably, and I like what John Seely Brown (in the second video) says about creating an environment where we can all learn from each other, by teaching each other. He uses keywords like “mentor”, “tinkering”, “community”–words that resonate deeply with me as I move from writing to creating social media-driven communities.

Ahhh… I’d love to live on stuff like this every single day. 🙂


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