Journalism on the Map: A Case for Location-Aware Storytelling

How I would LOVE for us to have THIS in these 7,017 (give or take) islands.

Imagine this:

Imagine pointing your smartphone at the desert and hearing a stream of stories about the people who live and work nearby. Imagine clicking on the things you see in the world as though they are hyperlinks. Imagine hearing a podcast as you move through a landscape that would tell you the stories of that place.

And THIS resonates very strongly with me:

Every place has a thousand stories that can help us understand our world and make decisions as citizens. Journalists tell these stories every day and news organizations have archives full of them. But there could be more efficient, effective and creative ways to link these stories to the places where they are rooted. Reporters and newsrooms could geotag their stories and archives in a coordinated way so that when someone goes to a particular place or looks at a map of that place, she could get an aggregate of relevant, well-researched content.

*Sigh* We’re getting there. Getting there…


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