When you’re THIS close to your idols…

I just realized that many of us are just one step away from people we admire. Social media have made it increasingly easier to be just a tweet or a Facebook message away from our idols.

I got on Twitter because a person I equally admired and envied was on Twitter. I got on Plurk because I saw that Paulo Coelho was active on Plurk. (I have since withdrawn from the network.) Now that I am almost everywhere and find my network to be expanding exponentially, so are my prospects of moving closer to people I truly admire and whose work  and career path I wish to emulate.

Today, while in search of inspiration, I worked up the courage to message one of my idols. I needed someone to help me out with some information that I was assessing, and I thought that, because of the world she moved around in, she was the best person to ask.

So I asked.

Facebook >> Profile >> Message >> Send.

Less than five minutes later, she replied. With REALLY great tips. The exchange was short, but encouraging. I replied in thanks. She replied again. There was a brief exchange of ideas, then a plan to meet up.

Thanks to social media, I had closed the gap between me and one of my idols. Maybe it won’t be the last time that happens. 🙂


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