Here’s a chance to learn some of our feature writing secrets!

Every writer has his or her techniques and “secrets”, but not everyone will share that information with you.

At Writer’s Block Philippines, we share with our participants some of our winning writing techniques, to help support a growing network of freelance writers and to help build a community of people who are passionate about the written word and respectful of the art and craft of writing. Especially in the age of blogging, citizen journalism, and “cut-and-paste writing”, some people will think that writing is as easy as stringing words together; however, a keener eye will reveal that good writing is cohesive and rhythmic, has a clear story to tell, and is engaging. With so much information flowing out there, freelance writers have to stand out to make a sustainable career in this field.

How to start? Join our forthcoming workshop, Feature Writing 101, happening on September 17 (Saturday). Details are in the poster below; for reservations and other details, email or call/text (0927) 850 8280.

Feature Writing 101- Writer's Block Philippines

Click on the image to view details in the Writer's Block Philippines website

For a sampling of the kinds of things that we teach in Writer’s Block Philippines, check out the links below:

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