Ten tips for citizen journalists from Cairo’s “Tweet Nadwa”

I love getting my weekly IJNet newsletter, which offers a host of references, resources, and opportunities for journalists from all over the world. Here’s a great one from Cairo.

Ten tips for citizen journalists from Cairo’s “Tweet Nadwa”

This is an excerpt from Mohammad Al abdallah‘s post in IJNet. Click the link above to read the full entry.

1. “Keep your videos short,” said Salma el Daly, the first female video blogger in Egypt. Viewers get bored after 4-5 minutes, so short and simple works best.

2. If you are covering long events, whether by video or on social networks such as Twitter, expect your mobile phone battery to die on you. “That’s why I prefer Blackberry or any phone with a battery that can be changed quickly,” says Ahmad Al-ish.

3. Keep covering events even if it seems there is already blanket coverage. Update your Twitter feed, even if you read other people tweeting the same things. You may reach others that they can’t reach. Multiple sources of coverage for the same subject equal more credibility.

4. Try to influence others. People may not take you seriously if you film with a camera phone, because just about everyone has one. Using a separate camera gives you more credibility as a journalist and people will take you more seriously.


Want more tips? Read the rest HERE.

P.S. What is a “Tweet Nadwa”? You’ll find out in the full article, too. 🙂


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