Using feature writing to attract new clients, improve business communications

To all you business communicators out there, here are a few tips from Writer’s Block Philippines:

Using feature writing to attract new clients, improve business communications

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People commonly associate feature writing with lifestyle articles and glossy magazines. For the savvy business communicator, however, feature writing can be a great way to tell a company or brand’s story (and we all love stories!), grab mindshare, change behaviors, and attract new business.

Take the case of a multinational cement company who wanted to soften its image and appear more approachable to its clients. It needed a communication solution to a perception problem about the product being “stiff”, “boring”, and “too technical.”

The solution: develop an in-house lifestyle publication that would show cement not just as a technical product, but as the stuff of which beautiful things are made. The feature articles housed in this magazine tackled architecture, interior design, even a bit of arts and culture, and, of course, profiles of people from all around the company that made it a great building partner.

There is also the case of a financial institution that wanted to promote one of its newly launched services. Using feature writing, it was able to showcase success stories of clients that had availed themselves of this service, as well as explain–in lay terms–mechanics that would otherwise have been crammed into a small flyer. Feature writing humanized the product and made it easier to understand.


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