Newsbreak asks, “How do you make dabog in English?”

Carla Montemayor of Newsbreak shares this great post in response to the James Soriano brouhaha. Haven’t read the James Soriano piece, that has sent social media aflame, yet? Read it HERE. (Yes, folks, Ms. Montemayor provided us with the original Manila Bulletin link! Yahoo!)

This part of Ms. Montemayor’s piece resonated with me:

What’s my “first” language then? This question is frequently asked of me in this country and I no longer know the answer. If it’s a matter of chronology (what I learned first), then that would be English. If it’s what comes out of my mouth when I see a head floating outside my window, it’s Tagalog.


Ah. But language do I think in? Well, it depends on what I’m thinking about. It’s difficult to think about technology in Tagalog, and impossible to contemplateaswangs in English. I use what works.


Since most English people are monolingual, they don’t get this seemingly schizoid shifting from one language and one thought process to another. I, on the other hand, cannot imagine myself using just one language all the time, forever. That’s like having a teaspoon in your hand when there’s a banquet spread before you. Attack with all available cutlery!

I have my own views about this whole issue, which I really hope I’ll have time to post by tonight.

In the meantime, how DOES one “make dabog”, in English?


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