Here’s a writing opportunity for “The Mindfuless Bell”

Thanks to Ime Morales of Freelance Writers of the Philippines for posting THIS writing opportunity.

Here’s an excerpt of the guidelines, but please click on the link above for full details:

The heart of the Mindfulness Bell is the creative expression of mindfulness practice offered by practitioners throughout the world. The Mindfulness Bell invites submissions of prose, poetry, photography and artwork for our upcoming issues. Material should include specific examples of how mindfulness practice in daily life is helping to transform suffering, create peace, and improve relationships and well-being. Please share from your personal practice and from your heart.


We welcome your stories, essays, poems, and teachings. Material of 500 – 1,500 words are most frequently printed. Longer articles of 2,000 – 3,000 words are also needed. We especially request stories, artwork, and writing from young people.


The beauty of each issue comes from the creative fruits offered by our readers. We can use photos and all kinds of artwork, including illustrations and cartoons. Please send photos as JPG or TIF files, 1 MB or larger.


Here’s what I’m treating myself to this week:

TIME (Summer Journey Issue), August 8, 2011 issue

TIME (Summer Journey Issue), August 8, 2011 issue

Stories to watch for:


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