The 10 worst nightmares for a PR professional (Ragan’s PR Daily)

Anyone who’s ever had to handle PR or media relations for a person or company will have their own nightmare scenarios. Here are some of the Top 10 mentioned in Ragan’s PR Daily. Feel free to add your own!

1. You mail merge a pitch to the wrong media list.
2. Your big placement is canned due to a huge breaking news.
3. A press release is issued with the CEO’s name misspelled and all the URLs are dead.
4. You wake to find a cover story featuring all your competitors.
5. Crisis, crisis, crisis and no prepared plan of attack.

Read the full list HERE.


Do liberal arts students make better PR pros? (Ragan’s PR Daily)

I may be biased about this piece because I’m a proud product of a liberal arts education. (My high school put me in a liberal arts track, while I come from a university with a proud history of Jesuit liberal arts training.) But when you see what author Nathan Burgess is trying to say about the qualities of liberal arts graduates that make great PR practitioners, you just might agree with him.

An excerpt:

A liberal arts student—besides usually having dealt with intense writing requirements—demonstrates a level of inquisitiveness that goes unmatched. This peculiar student chose an educational path that does not guarantee a job and involves studying all kinds of material: literature, history, philosophy, art, and so on. This student achieves a level of competency in all of these areas with the skills to dive deeper if needed.

I can teach someone to “be social,” to work with the client, to create a media list, to structure a pitch, read basic analytics and more. But I can’t teach someone to want to know things just for the sake of knowing and learning something new. I can’t teach someone to revel in the discovery process. There’s more to a good candidate than what schools teach in a PR classroom.

Read the full text HERE.

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