This is why I love “Brains on Fire”

I love Brains on Fire. And when I say “love”, I mean L-O-V-E.

It’s not just because they’re great marketers with a great philosophy; it’s not just because they write for people like us–anonymous eyeballs from around the planet–like we were their friends; it’s not just because they share great ideas.

It’s also because, when they write about what they do, and why they do what they do, I can really, really, REALLY relate. As if I were one of them. Which secretly makes me feel a tad smarter… and much more passionate than I already am.

Take THIS for example:

Yes, this image is from their blog post, too

Yes, this image is from their blog post, too

We all want to believe that we are a part of something bigger than ourselves.


We want to create meaningful, positive change in world. We want to collaborate. It makes us happier. It triggers positive emotions. It’s in our DNA.


Finding the shared passion, the cause, the calling that stirs your employees and your advocates can change lives. And create sustainable communities that can ignite movements.


Someone interviewing me for TOWN magazine last week ask me this simple question:


Why this job?


My answer:


I don’t have a job. I would make a horrible employee because I absolutely hate work. Seriously, I really don’t see what I do as a job. Brains on Fire is more of a calling. A cause. A community. A movement. We believe we are igniting positive, meaningful change the world.


Our goal is nothing short of changing lives.


See, I don’t know Robbin, but reading this from her makes me feel teary-eyed and makes me want to give her a big bear hug.

That’s what GREAT stories do. 🙂


Read the full post by Robbin HERE.


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